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François Bogaert

Why did you choose Behaviour?

Montreal is a city with a video game market that is super developed, so that was a big motivation. And Behaviour had a super good reputation and the people who worked there looked happy!  I’ve been working here for one year now and I don’t regret a thing. 

Where do you come from in France?

I come from the Paris region, so a bit like the Laval of Paris! Before leaving for Quebec, I worked for six years in a video game company.  

Tell us a bit about the support you received from Behaviour.

It was absolutely perfect! It’s one of the reasons I really encourage people not to worry about going abroad. What scared me the most were the logistics, like the paperwork for work permits, visas, etc … but Behaviour did it all for me! We even had four weeks at an Airbnb paid for by the studio once we arrived. That gave us the time to find a really lovely apartment. The team did so much behind the scenes to help us and made things so easy that it really wasn’t a problem to move here.  

François Bogaert, Programming Team Lead at Behaviour Interactive

How was your move? 

Great! Behaviour organized the sending of our boxes to Montreal and reimbursed the costs.  

What have you found most appealing about Quebec? 

I have a strange contradiction in me: I love urban life and Montreal, which is a very lively and culturally rich city, but I also need to be in contact with nature. So, being able to get behind the wheel and out into beautiful landscapes in less than an hour is really special. 

Did you find it easy to rebuild a social circle here? 

I thought that might be a challenge but what really reassured me was the fact it’s very easy to connect with people at Behaviour. It’s super simple to find someone who has the same interests as you, whether it’s video games or pop culture.  Regular organized events, such as happy hours or board game nights, also help. As long as you’re open, it’s really not difficult to meet people, whether at work or outside the office. 

Do you have any advice for people who are reluctant to take the leap? 

In my opinion, there is no need to hesitate. For one, we are better paid here!  And two, for those who worry about uprooting their lives to come here, it’s just not the case. It’s refreshing, different, and just exciting!  

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