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Behaviour Montreal

Make games with a certain je ne sais quoi

Everyone falls in love with Montreal, and who can blame them? With its mix of European flair, North American savvy, and long history of African, Asian, Caribbean, and Latin American immigration, Montreal is nothing if not unique.

This fascinating blend has given rise to a thoroughly original worldview that has inspired some of the world’s most creative minds in art, architecture, medicine, engineering, tech, and gaming, of which Montreal is the world’s third biggest development hub with more than 200 studios. Behaviour is a proud product of its hometown.

Life at Behaviour Montreal

At Behaviour Montreal, you’ll join a tight-knit team of compassionate, dedicated professionals who are driven by the thrill of creative collaboration and the smell of home-baked cookies.


What's in a day?

Spread out over four floors of a renovated former textiles factory in the city’s Mile-Ex / Little Italy neighbourhood, our Montreal office positively thrums with creative energy between 9 and 5 as hundreds of the best minds in the business channel their gifts as one.

Food for Thought

Such creativity is hardly possible without a nutritious and free gourmet breakfast in the bEstro, our chef-run cafeteria (rhubarb ricotta toast, anyone?) The bEstro also serves free lunch and its afternoon cookies are so famous they have a dedicated employee chat that ensures no one misses out when they’re ready.

With your hunger satisfied, it’s time to get busy making games or supporting the production teams that do. We do it all at our Montreal office, which is also the base for Behaviour’s Executive and Corporate teams – Legal, Finance, People & Culture, Communications, IT, and Central Ops.

Need a break?

All good – everyone across Behaviour gets a generous allotment of paid time off to use as they see fit. We don’t just pay lip service to work-life balance – we live it every day.

We take your happiness seriously (and literally). Happy hours and our admissible expense reimbursement program are just two examples of this commitment. Game nights, team sports, and seasonal all-company parties – the list goes on. Work may end at 5, but the fun doesn’t have to!


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