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Our Internship Program

Stage 1

Behaviour welcomes interns from all disciplines with an eye on supporting and encouraging the next generation of game-makers. An internship with us is above all an opportunity to grow and develop your full potential within our teams. Your work will have a clear impact on our projects and contribute to the production of major games.


interns per year


different locations including Montreal, Toronto and Rotterdam


Universities, colleges, and cégeps

Why a Behaviour Internship?

You’re a key part of the team

Collaborating is in our DNA. An internship at Behaviour means you’ll be sharing ideas and making them a reality with others driven by the desire to collaborate and create together.

A career springboard

Our internships are aimed at students and recent graduates and allow them to acquire professional experience, learn from the best in the business and develop their passion for games.

Build your network

An internship with Behaviour is a chance to make friends and establish relationships with others who, like yourself, are aspiring to a career in video games.


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FAQ on Internships

What’s does an internship at Behaviour involve?

From your first day, a dedicated member of your team will help you to integrate and support you on a daily basis. The goal is to give you the support you need to learn and develop with us.

You will also have the opportunity to have regular meetings with your team lead. The scope of your role and tasks will be tailored to your skills, which you will sharpen over the course your internship.

In summary, you will learn to meet challenges to the best of your ability and you will have the opportunity to actively contribute to our projects. The idea is to allow you to get out of your comfort zone while respecting your rhythm.

Do you take interns in every discipline?

Yes, interns are hired for all disciplines (programming, art, design, marketing, data analysis, etc.). The positions offered vary from session to session, depending on the needs of the teams.

If no internship opportunity matches your profile, you can always submit a spontaneous application. We will contact you directly in case we have an opportunity that matches your expectations and skills.

How and when can I apply?

There are only two ways to apply for an internship at Behaviour: via an opening listed on this page or through your university portal.

Unfortunately, applications received via other channels will not be considered.

As a general rule, openings are posted about three months before the start of the next internship session. Follow us on LinkedIn to find out the exact dates of our recruitment campaign.

Don’t forget – you can always apply spontaneously.

Can I apply to multiple roles?

Yes, but it is strongly advised to target a maximum of two opportunities to allow us to better understand the type of role that interests you.

I don’t live in the same country as the internship. Can I still apply?

You must be legally allowed to work in the country where the internship is located for your application to be considered. In other words, you must have a valid work permit before applying and it must be valid for the entire duration of the internship. 

I applied to the internship for programmers through my university portal. What does the recruitment process look like?

Thank you for submitting your application!

We will contact you if you are selected for the first step in our recruitment process. This is a technical test on the Codility platform (you’ll get more details by email).

Once the test is completed, we will be in touch. If it’s positive, we’ll arrange an interview to learn more about your interest in the role.

I submitted my application, when should I hear from you?

You will receive a confirmation email after submitting your application online.

Once the internship postings close to applications, we review all applications and then contact all applicants, regardless of whether the answer is positive or negative. We try to get back to everyone as quickly as possible, but the process can take a few weeks.

When do internships take place and how long do they last?

We offer several internship sessions a year (winter, autumn and summer). Internship dates are flexible, depending on business needs, the length of the recruitment process, and the availability of successful applicants. They can vary in terms of duration but typically last between three to six months.

Who is eligible for an internship?

The eligibility requirements for our internships are listed in each job description.

I want to apply for an art internship, is the portfolio mandatory?

Yes! Be sure to attach your portfolio (and password if applicable) when you apply.

Are interns paid?

Absolutely! We believe that all work deserves pay. Compensation is determined at the end of the recruitment process based on your role, profile and previous experience, and the country where your internship takes place.

Will there be job opportunities after my internship?

Yes! The objective of the internship program is to train the next generation, and an internship is a great potential gateway to future employment at Behaviour.

If you are interested in continuing your adventure with us and you meet the requirements for a an entry-level role in your discipline, we will certainly try to find you a place for you at the end of your internship.

Will I receive benefits as an intern?

You will be reimbursed a set amount for costs related to your workspace at home, physical activities, travel by public transit, or video games.