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Behaviour Toronto

Bright lights, diverse city.

Located in downtown Toronto just a stone’s throw from the city’s famous Chinatown and Entertainment District, Behaviour Toronto is anything but boring. The same goes for its namesake city, which has everything you would expect from Canada’s most populous metropolis, and its most diverse!

More than 160 languages are spoken in the city (English being the main one), and more than half its residents were born outside Canada. The projects undertaken by our Toronto team are also nothing if not diverse and span the Behaviour spectrum, from original games and co-development projects to marketing and live operations!

Life at Behaviour Toronto

Our enthusiastic team in Toronto is growing by leaps and bounds and prides itself on a culture that emphasizes teambuilding, community, and snacks – lots of snacks.


What's in a day?

Fire up your computer, login to the dedicated Toronto group chat and see if there are any new recipients of the infamous Welcome GIF. If you forgot your coffee, don’t worry – coffee and bubble tea runs are both frequent and highly encouraged.

Our Toronto team works on a wide variety of Behaviour projects across all our divisions, and even includes a few local team members from Behaviour’s other studios. This interdisciplinary crew brews up an enriching blend of influences and ideas that help take projects to the next level. And, like all Behaviour employees, everyone is free to apply to our internal mobility program if they’re keen to try something new.

Yum and fun

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, lunch is on us if you’re working from the office. There’s no shortage of amazing restaurants in the area to order from, representing cultures from around the world, so get your order in and break bread with your buddies.

Need a break?

All good – everyone across Behaviour gets a generous allotment of paid time off to use as they see fit. We don’t just pay lip service to work-life balance – we live it every day.

The studio’s unstoppable social committee makes sure there is ample play mixed in with your daily to-do. With all that Toronto offers beckoning just outside the office, your after-work options are pretty much limitless: Festivals, professional sports, arts & culture, restaurants, shops, bars – you name it – are all within walking distance of Behaviour Toronto.


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