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Fan-Created Content

General Guidelines on Fan Content

At Behaviour, we value the passion and creativity of our community and want to support content creators in producing non-commercial content, with their own creative spin, using video, images, gameplay or other public assets from our games, excluding third-party content, voices and music (defined as Fan Content in our Terms of Use), subject to certain restrictions.

It is important that all content creators work within the following guidelines, so please read up. These guidelines may be updated at any time and should not be interpreted as permission to use any of Behaviour’s Content (as defined in Section V.A. of our Terms of Use).

Overall, your Fan Content can be shared freely via your websites, social media channels or similar digital services, such as Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, etc. This includes streaming, Let’s Play and other live or recorded video content. You cannot use Content to make money, solicit donations or any type of monetary contribution. However, using legally compliant ads alongside your content is permitted. We also prohibit any illegal, offensive, discriminatory, controversial and inaccurate representation of our Content and brands, including but not limited to impersonation of any kind, falsifying partnerships, implying that Behaviour is a sponsor, that you are a Fog Whisperer, promotion of cheats, or exploits.

When you post your Fan Content, you do so at your own risk as it may be subject to removal at any time by Behaviour and without notice. Behaviour reserves the right to enforce its rights against any violation of these guidelines and/or our Terms of Use.

Feel free to tag us in your masterpieces, we’d love to see them.


You may create videos using our Content and upload/broadcast them online only if you add your own creative spin. These guidelines do not provide permission to simply re-upload or duplicate our Content (trailers, reveals, etc.) nor do they allow you to update full games or a majority of them. Feel free to make our Content your own and use creative expression. It’s what we love about the community.

DMCA and Third-Party Content
We know you all have concerns regarding DMCA takedown notices on online platforms. Due to licensing requirements and third-party content we are privileged to have in our games, Behaviour cannot give you permission to use content that belongs to other individuals or companies. As such, if music or any other third-party content is included in your Fan Content, you will need to secure the content owner’s permission independently.


Playtests, Services and Partnerships

If you have signed a non-disclosure agreement with Behaviour, for example to participate in a playtest or to provide any services, you are not allowed to publicly post any Content without Behaviour’s prior approval.



Artworks that have been created (any media) based on our games (includes models, skins, environment, weapons, etc.) cannot be sold without express permission from Behaviour.

We want you to share your amazing works on social networks like Twitter, Instagram, and community networks like Deviant Art. Just don’t sell it. Please.



We love, love, love seeing people cosplay our characters. So go forth and masquerade, friends. Swapping and trading costumes and props around the cosplay community is permitted but selling and distribution of these items via any platform, including but not limited to ebay, Etsy, Patreon,te Ko-Fi and Amazon is not permitted.



Making or selling products based on our games is prohibited without explicit permission or a licensing agreement with Behaviour. We are proud of our brands and we want to ensure quality in all our merchandise. Please browse our store with all our official merch so you can appropriately express your enthusiasm for any of our games.


Games and applications

While we’re always happy to see our fans’ creativity, making or selling any game, application or interactive experience derived from Behaviour’s games is strictly prohibited.

We also remind you that the use of third party content, including without limitation the use of content belonging to Behaviour’s licensors, is subject to such third party’s licensing terms.


We are not staffed to respond to requests for individual clearance related to our Content. Should you require proof or permission, please use these guidelines or our Terms of Use. If you have questions that fall outside of these guidelines, please contact us at

To inquire about obtaining a license to sell artwork inspired by our games or merchandising items based on our games, please contact

For additional information, please review the “Creative Submissions for Personal Use” section of our Terms of Use .