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We couldn’t create great games without player feedback.

Become a Behaviour Playtester and play a major role in our game development process. Register now to help make our games better for everyone and receive exclusive rewards for your effortsWhether it’s for a focus group over Discord or an in-house playtest, your input matters!

*Note that you will only be selected if your profile fits our requirements.

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Have some questions?

Check out the FAQ below for more info or contact the Behaviour Interactive Playtest team at

How do I sign up?

Click “Become a Playtester” and complete the registration questionnaire.

Who is eligible to sign up?

Playtests are currently only open to residents of Canada and the United States who are at least 18 years of age. Further, to be considered for the playtests, you (or a direct family member) must not work for a video game company.

I do not play video games often, should I sign up?

Yes! We need all gamers profiles, from casual to hardcore players.

What should I expect after I sign up?

As soon as you register, your info will be stored in our playtest database for future opportunities. You will receive emails periodically for playtests or surveys you are eligible to participate in.

Do I need to signup for every test?

No. Once you sign up the first time, we keep your information and will contact you if your profile and availabilities meet the study’s needs.



I can’t participate in the playtest anymore. Can I cancel?

Unexpected things happen every day, we understand! To cancel your participation to a study, please send us an email at least 48h in advance to mentioning the request, the study name, your first and last name. The sooner the better!

I was not told what I will be testing. Can I get more information?

Before giving you more information, you will need to sign a non-disclosure agreement before the playtest.

What is the compensation to participate in a study?

It depends on the study and how long it lasts. Behaviour Interactive does not compensate respondents for taking surveys. Concerning a focus group or playtest (i.e. longer studies), we may compensate participants with gift cards or other compensation, at our sole discretion.

Where is the playtest location?

It depends on the type of playtest. If it is an on-site playtest, it will be held at our headquarters in Montreal. If the playtest is online and remote, you will be able to participate from home. Playtesters must cover their own expenses related to the playtest, including getting to our office in Montreal and any Internet, hardware or software costs in the event of remote playtests.



I don’t want to participate and being contacted anymore. What can I do?

We totally understand! If you want to opt out from playtesting or from being contacted by Behaviour Interactive, you can click on “Unsubscribe” (or similar) link from the latest email received from us, or send an email to mentioning the request, your first name, and last name.

I want to see what information about me Behaviour Interactive keeps. What can I do?

We care about your privacy. In compliance with privacy laws and our privacy policy, you can send us various requests regarding your personal information, including a request to access and/or delete such information. To do so, please send us an email at mentioning the request, your first name, last name, and email address you registered with.

How is my personal data stored?

We store your personal data on secured servers in accordance with privacy laws and our privacy policy.

Is it a job?

Absolutely not. Playtesting is voluntary and punctual. If you are looking for job opportunities at Behaviour Interactive, please visit

How can I contact the User Research team?

Please shoot us an email at