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Behaviour Renews its Support of Uhu labos nomades

Behaviour takes its role as a corporate citizen seriously, and its role as an advocate for its employees’ community initiatives even more so. We could not be happier to announce our renewed support of Uhu labos nomades, an original and multifaceted school perseverance program for Native youth created by our talented VFX Artist, Stephane Nepton, and his partner, social worker Andrea Gonzalez.

Officially launched in January 2019, Uhu labos nomades aims to reach and inspire Native youth through exposure to digital arts.

“In 2012, Andrea and I were struck by how few Indigenous people work in the video game industry and even less in careers related to digital arts,” recalled Stéphane. “As a member of the Abenaki tribe, I felt it was incumbent upon me to do my part and put my 20 years of experience to use for the good of First Nation communities. Uhu labos nomades was born of a desire to motivate young Native people to pursue their studies and, most importantly, connect with their culture. You need to know where you come from to know where you’re going!”

In less than a year, Uhu labos nomades has reached over 150 young people from communities across Quebec — from Montreal to Mashtéuiatsh and Chisasibi —through initiatives such as:

  • Information booths at jobs fairs
  • Hands-on workshop inspired by Native experiences, culture, languages, and artefacts
  • Collaborations with established Native artists
  • Speaking engagements and conference on job opportunities in the video game industry

 “Our programs are based on preserving Native art, culture, and languages and encouraging the transmission of Indigenous know-how,” explained Stephane. “Within all our initiatives, we prioritise the perfect balance of organic and digital, of tradition and modernity. After taking part in our programs, we want participants to feel valued and inspired. It’s about more than what they’ve learned; it’s about giving them a renewed sense of pride in who they are. “

Today, Uhu labos nomades has established partnerships with Concordia University, UQAM, Wapikoni, Festival Présence Autochtone, the McCord Museum, Tourisme Manawan, and many other organisations and institutions invested in the success of Native young people.

“Uhu labos nomades is a collective passion project that would not be possible without the support of committed volunteers, including a dozen Behaviour employees, who believe in the potential of Native youth,” said Stéphane.”

“The minute Stephane and Andrea presented their project, it was a given that Behaviour would be involved,” said Marie-Eve Boisvert, Vice-President, Communications, of Behaviour. “We were immediately inspired by Stéphane and Andrea’s dream of harnessing technology, innovation, and community outreach to help an underserved population. It’s an honour to have as part of our team incredible employees like Stephane who apply their experience to help others.”

Behaviour’s commitment includes hosting workshops at its Montreal studio, providing material and technical support, and encouraging its employee to give their time to Uhu labos nomades projects.

For more information about Uhu labos Nomades or to support its programs: