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Lisa Ellouk

Lisa Ellouk is a Project Manager on Dead by Daylight.

Tell us a little about yourself and your career path?

Where to start … Hang on tight because there are several twists and turns!

I studied in Bordeaux in France where I followed a specialized course in digital marketing. I started my professional career at Warners Bros. in Paris in the franchises section, where I had the chance to work on Harry Potter and some DC Comics marketing campaigns.

My path then took me to Vietnam, where I embarked on an MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This experience was great and made me want to continue living abroad and to focus on entrepreneurship.

I arrived in Montreal in 2018 to launch a design agency where I led workshops in design thinking and new approaches to working in corporate settings. It was a fun and creative experience that I loved! Following this, I returned to work in the digital world in an advertising agency, but quickly realized that I was not really at home in this environment. That’s why I applied to Behaviour in 2020. 

What do you do at Behaviour?

I am a Project Manager with Dead By Daylight’s incredible art team! I basically take care of everything related to character and narrative production in the Dead by Daylight store.

You also have a hobby that takes up a good part of your time – can you tell us about it?

Yes, pottery! I have a company called Vraiment Vraiment. I mainly produce utilitarian objects (dishes, vases, etc) and also a few decorative objects.

What is your creative and manufacturing process?

I really like to work with clay mixtures and explore curved shapes; I think that sums up my intentions behind Vraiment Vraiment pretty well. 

I use several types of clay such as porcelain or stoneware. I use several techniques to make my pieces, mainly on the wheel, but sometimes I do a little shaping.

I produce all my pieces by hand and I favour a rather ‘slow design’ approach, which means everything is produced locally and in very small batches. I take time to consider how I want to produce each piece and the meaning I want each piece to have, so it endures and has a low ecological impact.  All unused materials are recycled. 😊

In addition to selling your pottery, can you tell us about your entrepreneurial career?

I have always been immersed in a very creative and entrepreneurial environment. In fact, it was my parents who encouraged me to start my own business. When I was little, my father had fun making us imagine business plans with my brother and my mother made me try every form of manual arts ou there… so, let’s say launching my own artistic project was a no-brainer. 😀

I started pottery by following a session in a workshop next to my home. I immediately fell in love with this practice and continue to train in new techniques. I now share a small independent studio with several ceramists in the Mile-End.  😊 This is where everything happens and where I also give introductory pottery classes. It’s a real pleasure to share my passion and see the satisfaction that others feel in creating objects with their hands!

My ambition is to launch my own studio very soon, so stay tuned!

What advice would you give to someone who would like to get into pottery?

The easiest way is to take an introductory course. All the studios offer them and that’s really where we all start!

Otherwise, if you’re a bit more resourceful, self-hardening clay may be a more affordable option. No need to go to the studio or to have a wheel or oven at home. And go digging on YouTube there are a lot of tutorials to get you started and learn how to make small pieces like a cup or a bowl with this type of clay. 😊

Lisa Ellouk
Project Manager