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Lino & Luis

Titles: Accounting Clerk and IT Technician
Team: Finance and IT

Tell us a bit about yourselves

I’m Lino. I’m 37-years-old, and I’ve worked in the finance department since March 2018.

I’m Luis. I’m 28-years-old, and I work as an IT Technician. I joined Behaviour 5 years ago at the Santiago office [the office has since been closed –Ed.]

We’re both from Valencia, Venezuela, a city next to the Caribbean Sea. In 2014, we moved to Santiago, Chile, and in 2018, we packed our bags and our dogs for Canada.

Why move to Canada?

When we were in Santiago, Luis received a job offer from Behaviour’s Montreal headquarters. We both always connected with Canadian values. We even took French classes a few years ago thinking that someday we might live in Quebec. Canada is well known for being a society that is respectful and open. Montreal is a lot better than we imagined.

Did Behaviour help you to adapt to your new life in Canada?

Of course! People at Behaviour were very nice and helpful.

When we arrived, Behaviour organized activities to help us get to know our colleagues, such as curling and cooking classes. The company also organizes happy hours every second week. It’s a great opportunity to build good relationships.

Behaviour even helped us find an apartment that accepted our dogs!

How are you handling the language barrier?

We were was worried before coming here because it would be our first time working in another language. Spanish is our mother tongue. We also speak English, but our French was very limited. Behaviour offers free French classes twice a week, so we are improving!

It helps that Montreal is a bilingual city. People here love languages, and I think that’s just amazing. In Montreal, no one cares about your accent.

What do you like most about Montreal?

The cultural diversity. All the festivals that we have here are amazing. Also, respect for others. I’ve never experienced that level of respect in another city.

What do you like most about working at Behaviour?

Our teams and the Studio’s energy. There is a cool vibe throughout. Also, the office is in a great building, and the cafeteria is so good. Everybody is focused on the day-to-day tasks, but at the same time, people always smiling. I think that says a lot about a place.

Behaviour literally changed our lives. Coming here was a tough decision to make, but we don’t regret it for a second!

What advice would you give for candidates who are thinking of leaving their country to join Behaviour in Montreal?

You will love this amazing city! Learn French if you have the time. Honestly, you’ll integrate more easily. Forget about preconceived ideas, open your mind and enjoy every second!

PS. If like us you’ve fallen in love with Lino and Luis’ adorable dogs, follow them on Instagram: @SharpeiChamo.