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Mental Health Weeks at Behaviour

Stress at work can have a deeply negative impact that affects all areas of our lives.  

Given the central importance of work to our financial health and wellbeing – and our financial health’s impact on our overall sense of security – minimizing workplace stress is a necessity that employers cannot afford to ignore.  

Behaviour understands this and is committed to providing a workplace where stress is taken seriously and the mental health of our team is prioritized. We realize these commitments throughout the year in several ways, including our annual Mental Health Weeks, which are designed to both inform and inspire our team to take better care of themselves and their loved ones. 

An apple a day 

This year’s edition of Mental Health Weeks, which wrapped February 2, focused on ways we can take care of our mental health on the daily. We looked at the links between mental health and our physical, financial, social, and workplace health and the mental health value of taking time each day for things like physical fitness, workplace recognition, financial planning, and creative pursuits. Here are a few of the highlights: 

  • Move Together: This friendly competition challenged our teams to get active and win prizes.   
  • Kudos: To underscore the value of recognition, we invited our team to send a shoutout to a teammate of their choice. 
  • Know your benefits: We organized an information session to walk our team through the various mental health services and benefits we provide. 

Education is also a key focus of Mental Health Weeks and our team heard from Sonia Lupien, founder and scientific director of Montreal’s Centre for Studies on Human Stress, about her ground-breaking work on stress in children and young adults. 

Mental Health Weeks may be over for another year, but our commitment to our team’s mental health continues year-round. Behaviour’s recent addition to the 2024 list of Canada’s Best Workplaces for Mental Wellness – a list determined primarily with feedback from our team – is welcome recognition of our commitment to providing a workplace where work/life balance is real and our team has access to the help and resources they need when they need them most. 

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