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Introducing Cross-Progression and the Behaviour Account

Behaviour’s introduction of Cross-Progression this week to its hit 4v1 asymmetrical horror multiplayer, Dead by Daylight™, means players can now pick up where they left off on other platforms and seamlessly bring their stats, purchases and inventory with them!  

Cross-Progression is available on Steam and Google Stadia and is coming soon to Nintendo Switch. We are also looking into its use on other platforms, as well. 

In order to enjoy Cross-Progression, the first step is to create a free Behaviour Account. This account links our server to your account on Steam, Stadia and Switch and ensures your progress and purchases are synchronized.* 

This week’s addition of Cross-Progression and the Behaviour Account follows the introduction of Cross-Play in August, which allows PC and console players to enjoy the game together. 

While only currently available on Dead by Daylight, it is hoped that Cross-Progression will be available to players of other Behaviour-made games in the future. 

Read more about the Behaviour Account and how Cross-Progression works here

*Content that is exclusive to a certain platform or subject to licensing restrictions cannot be transferred.