Behaviour's mission is very straight-forward:
To Craft Imaginary Into Play.

Every day, we aim to develop games that bring the players' imagination to reality through our medium, videogames.
Based on this statement, our values are embraced and lived by every one of us.

Human in our approach yet driven in business

At Behaviour, we work hard and play hard. We promote work/family balance, avoid crunch at all costs and offer a great work environment. In return, our employees bring their passion to work and help us develop the best projects, on time and on budget.

Creative in our ideas yet disciplined in our execution

We are in the innovation business. We strongly believe in trying new tech, methods and ideas. It's the result that counts, not how we get there.

Individually collaborative, collectively competitive

We strongly dislike indulging in internal politics. Our employees' agenda is to grow and in turn, this allows Behaviour to become invincible.

Passionate in our beliefs yet balanced in our actions

We are passionate about what we do and always seek new opportunities. We are also flexible and proactive in business.

Pushing our limits and learning from our mistakes

We boldly venture into new platforms or audiences, learning along the way, as we fix and ship.