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Midwinter Entertainment

Respect. Transparency. Collaboration.

Behaviour’s Seattle studio, Midwinter Entertainment, was founded on the values of collaboration, playful experimentation, and creating meaningful connections. The Midwinter team bonds through making (and playing) games.

Our team is made of individuals with a wide range of experiences and backgrounds, where everyone has an outsized impact on the games we make and the studio culture we embrace.

Life at Midwinter

We work hard without losing sight of the individual behind the work. Our ambition guides us, and we recognize that ambition must be matched with sustainabilityWe have no overtime and encourage everyone to use their five to six weeks of vacation. And while we follow core hours with regular team meetings, we offer people the flexibility to work from home, at one of our studios, or a combination of both.


What's in a day?

We can’t really say there is a typical day at Midwinter. We’re each responsible for our actions and our work. The common thread is collaboration, which is core to our approach. We encourage breaking out of your lane or discipline to collaborate, take risks, create, and solve creative challenges together.

Weekly Play Dates

One of the core values at Midwinter is Taking Time to Play—and this is a requirement for the whole team. We might be spread across the globe, but every week we come together online for regularly scheduled playtests. You’ll hear the head of our studio say that the game is the truth, which translates into everyone playing the game to know where it stands and to help improve where it’s going.

We love to show off the cool stuff we’re working on during our weekly Show & Tell. It’s always fun to come together and see what everyone is up to. We also have a book club, our weekly Wednesday “fika” (it’s a Swedish thing, look it up!), and other opportunities to spend time with your colleagues.

Need a break?

All good – everyone gets a generous allotment of paid time off to use as they see fit. We don’t just pay lip service to work-life balance – we live it every day.


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