Advice from our recruiters

Our recruiters meet hundreds of candidates each year and want to share with you some tips to showcase your talent, your personality and your passion for game design!

Your resume should focus on the most recent experiences and highlight the elements that make you irresistible! A classic resume outlining your work history is always popular among recruiters!

  • Keep it short: ideally 2 pages;
  • Customized CVs are interesting but keep in mind that the information should be readily identifiable by recruiters who view hundreds of profiles;
  • Be attentive to details and avoid typos, incorrect phone numbers, dates that overlap, etc.
  • Describe quantifiable accomplishments on your projects by describing how you achieved the objectives related to your role;
  • Use action verbs;
  • Highlight your academic and continuous education, professional affiliations, technical and language skills;
  • Simplify your presentation and avoid corporate logos;
  • Be sure to include your commitments in the community to develop other skills and passions and to briefly explain how these projects fit into your career progression;
  • Use an email address in good taste;
  • Avoid using special characters, bullets, and columns for your formatting may change when the recruiter opens your document;
  • Do not include pictures or special effects because it increases the download time;

In short: Your resume is an opportunity to make a good first impression and attract our attention!

Make sure the link leading to your portfolio is valid and take the time to test it on different browsers.

Make sure you include:

  • Examples that illustrate both your talent and skills described in the job requirements;
  • Positive evaluations of your work and prizes that you have been awarded;
  • A description of the projects in which you have participated and the role you played;
  • The titles of published games to which you have contributed (make sure that everything matches the final version of the published credits);
  • Avoid heavy animations or use of unfamiliar software;
  • If you choose a physical medium (CD, display, etc.), make sure the presentation is impeccable and accessible;

In short: obey the principles of simplicity and seduction!

  • Relax! The interview is not a test, but rather an ideal time to get acquainted;
  • Always bring one or two copies of your resume to the interview, just in case;
  • Make sure you are well prepared! Re-read the job description several times and read up on the company;
  • Structure your thinking and articulate the approach you take to speak to each of your professional experiences or special projects that are on your CV;
  • During your preparation, do not try to anticipate questions you will be asked in an interview, but rather make sure to have a good knowledge of your subject;
  • During the interview, be attentive to your audience. Feel free to request clarification of questions and the relevance of your answers;
  • Prepare your questions in advance and be clear about your concerns about conditions for success: you must be able to talk about your strengths and your weaknesses;
  • Be prepared to answer questions about your salary and working conditions you are looking for;

In short: be calm, honest, open, and confident and make sure you have answered the questions posed by interviewers.


Talent Acquisition Process

Our talent acquisition process follows five stages and can take a period of 2 to 4 weeks:

Our recruitment specialists select the best candidates from the applications received, conduct telephone interviews and schedule the in-studio interviews.

There may be up to 3 interviews scheduled depending on the position and the needs on different projects. At this point you may be asked to pass a technical test. All details will be forwarded by the recruiter in charge of the position. We will also ensure the more administrative aspects are covered such as salary expectations, your availability date, your reference list, etc. Feel free to ask questions. We’re here to help you give the best of yourself!

At this stage it is usually only 2 or 3 candidates and we strive to communicate quickly with candidates who were not selected.

It is really our recruiters’ preferred stage!

Once the offer is accepted, the orientation process gets under way to ensure successful integration of our new employees!