To Influence

Each day at Behaviour is an opportunity to contribute and have an impact on the creation and on how the decisions are made. Doors are always open and instant communications promote exchange and collaboration. Our approach is to continually find new ideas and solutions in a relaxed atmosphere!

The low average age of our colleagues, our industry, forms a globally connected team passionate in its convictions. All opinions are fed, raised and more importantly, listened to!

To Entertain

Our team of active and lively minds, composed of young adults and young families, never passes up an opportunity to play. And as Montreal is full of possibilities, Behaviour fulfills every desire.

Summer days with family, out of Montreal or near the river, themed Christmas parties, special launches, 5 @ 7: our events are very popular! Our secret? The Events Committee, is a team of dedicated employees to organize (and enjoy!) events. Our wines and cheeses are sought after and our exhibitions are now a must!

To Access

Located on the border of international entertainment district, a step away from the famous Place des Arts, within reach of many cultural sources, access to a subway station and close to all downtown amenities, you will find us often at the Theatre of the New World, Foufounes Électriques, the Museum of Fine Arts, the SAQ Selection and the Eaton Centre!

And after?

Montreal is practically Behaviour’s 301st employee!

Cradle of culture and innovation, our city offers its splendors and diversity to immigrants, travellers and long-time residents. Located near the international airport, it is accessible to the world. On the banks of the St. Lawrence, you can walk its quays and discover its art, history and architecture. Creative, humble and unique as the people who inhabit it, it is one of the cities that offer the best quality of life in the world at low cost.

Life in Montreal enjoys the perfect balance between North America and Europe, two official languages, English and French, and a multitude of communities that share their charms, their customs and their good food. Its diversity allows people to adapt easily.

Montreal even manages to follow the changing of the seasons by exploiting the best of them! Hiking on Mount Royal, adventure on the river, crowded and warm terraces, hockey game at the Bell Centre: there is something for everyone.