How to Apply

There are 5 job categories at Behaviour:

  1. Programming: game programmer, software developer (engine and tools), technical director, etc.
  2. Creation and design: game designer, level designer, creative director, etc.
  3. Art: illustrator, 3D animator, 3D artist, art director, etc.
  4. Production management: producer, associate producer, production manager, head of studio, etc.
  5. Administrative and production support: Finance, human resources, quality assurance, information technology, etc.

Employment Opportunities

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Our Internship Program

Each year, we welcome interns from several colleges and universities with which we have developed a partnership. Our goal is to provide high-quality internship opportunities for each of the students we welcome, and for this reason many return for several internships during their studies. We have interns in the summer, winter and spring for a minimum duration of 12 weeks.